Fo’ Sho’…..

We all got that one fo’ sho’ bait that we know works in that one fo’ sho’ spot.  You know that if you throw that top water lure in “your spot,” you are gonna get a bite.  You spend hours because you know she’s there.  But she doesn’t show!

I am guilty!  Trying to avoid this routine can be tough BUT set a timer.  Give yourself 30 minutes to an hour to fish top, middle, and bottom.  If there is no bite, go to the other side of the lake or pond or find a new spot that you have never explored.

Bottom line: the fish may be tired of seeing the same thing.  Bass, like other animals, can be trained.  Remember training your new pup not to use the bathroom in the house?  It is the same thing.  The bass knows that if I bite this bait, some weirdo is gonna pick me up, kiss me, and take pictures of me to send to his friends.

If you don’t switch it up, you are gonna end up like my friend here, fo’ sho’!!  I spotted him last weekend on Lake Murray.  The only thing missing was his fishing pole.  

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