No Bite!

It was the night before I was going out on the lake.
I had my maps out and my location staked.
I had a great plan and the alarm set.
I was ready to catch a
biggin’ you better best bet.
I hit the water early full of excitement and glee,
but to my surprise no bass did I see.
I tried different techniques, even tried different lures.
I just knew I was gonna
cull for sure.
Finally, I felt that tug on my line,
and I knew that tonight I would celebrate with wine.
I tugged and reeled it on in,
but much to my dismay it wasn’t a
It wasn’t even bass, but a freakin’ perch.
I shook my head. Man, I was hurt!
Despite the disappointment,
I walked away with some contentment…
There just were no biggins’ in the cove!

I tried to make light of a common situation that we all face. There are just some days that we have big plans, but no bites. Take a moment and remember why you started fishing. We all started because it was just fun.  Thrilling, to be more exact. So you did not have a bite, but you did have an opportunity to do something you love.  Keep it fun.  Count your blessings…at least you weren’t working.