Woo! Woo! Woo!

I am happy to announce I am a part of the Pro Staff Team for Woo!Tungsten.  I have used several different brands of tungsten weights. They are all expensive, and they all feel (bottom contact) the same to me.

Why pay more for the same experience?

Woo! Tungsten Is 50% cheaper than the leading brand. Aside from the cost, which my wife would say is the most important reason, the size is stamped on the drop shot weights so if your tackle drops and gets mixed up, you know exactly which size weight you are grabbing.  Also, I have found that the paint does not chip easily off Woo!Tungsten weights.

This picture shows my catch using a ¼ ounce tear drop weight on drop shot rig. When you use this particular drop shot, you can feel the contact on the bottom the entire time. It is easier to slip off brush piles with the tear drop weight versus the traditional round weight because of the shape.  When I made this cast, my line just got tight, and unfortunately, I did not feel a thump.

Look forward to future reviews on other Woo!Tungsten products including the new nail weights. #fishingisacontactsport #wootungsten